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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18 A Poem About Leftovers And Other Ramblings

I know some of you may be wondering, what ever became of the over spiced curry from earlier in the week, well, here's the truth, I haven't been able to face it. Since I cannot bring myself to eat it, I wrote a poem about it.

Ode To My Leftover Curry
I look at you every time I open the Frigidaire
Tupperware separates me from the napalm that is you
I am unwilling to unleash your spicy fury
Though I must face the dragon
Disguised as rice
Spicy rice…..my fear of you
Is bigger than my love for you
Ok, now that my tribute is done, I have a confession to make, what I'm about to say is most definitely not ethical but I'm pretty sure it's not illegal. About 2 months ago, I stumbled upon the Baskin-Robbins website and went a little crazy, signing up for free birthday ice cream. The site allows one to sign themselves up, as well as friends and relatives for a free cone on their birthday. I signed up a lot of people....like 20 or so, including people who may or may not live in other states and people who may or may not even exist. So, that being said, I had forgotten all about the free ice cream until I opened my email today and found that I have another birthday this month! I was really excited until I realized that Karma is alive and well and I can't partake of free ice cream, because it's fast food, son of a @!#$@#$!
On a happier note, I got through a staff meeting at Starbucks this morning, by sucking on a bottle of tap water and eating a can of cashews I got in my Christmas stocking last month, ya, not really comparable to an iced Carmel latte, and a carrot muffin, lemme tell ya!
For dinner I made Portabella Quesadillas with red onions and garlic. They were sooo good, way better than Bueno and much more satisfying! So, here ends day 18, another successful x on the calender and another day of unmatched will power. Go me!  http://www.fastfoodboycott.blogspot.com/

1 comment:

The Mustard Seed Guy said...

hahaha, I should be going to bed, because I have to get up early. Did you say Baskin-Robbins? Very much a weak point of mine. I have no self control when it comes to ice cream.