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Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 250 and 251 Ooops, Sugar And Swearing

I'm back, yesterday I was not in the mood to share my thoughts with the world, but I was willing to share them with the mechanic who STILL has my car! I worked really long and hard yesterday, I forgot to eat lunch and by the time my friend Christie suggested stopping at the grocery store after work, I was all game, I got my dinner on with an Amy's Vegan pizza and some potato salad, I know, doesn't really make sense but it was good. This long day of hunger and hard labor was punctuated by calls from the car place, feeding me bits and pieces of bad news, which is to say that they fixed the wrong part? I'm pretty confused by that one. Anyway, it's probably close to 8:00 and I just finished THIS workday a few minutes ago, thankfully I had time for dinner and some of my step-dad's birthday cake, which was a treat because I've cut down on the sugar in the past couple of weeks. In other news, my recent bout of clean language was ruined yesterday and today, guess I still need to work on cleaning up the old potty mouth, I see serious meditation in my near future.

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