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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 268 and 269 Fat And Happy Wins The Race

Well, here I am on another double up blog day, I've become increasingly resistant to this challenge in regard to the writing it all down part. Yesterday and today, I stuck to my new pared down eating plan and I'm really trying to get used to less is more. I'm going to lose ten pounds before New Years, so that I can end this thing with a bang. I've been eating less bread and have made myself eat breakfast and lunch at reasonable times, which helps with snacking, I don't have a scale so I can't obsess over it. I hate to look at labels and yesterday, I looked at the label on my tortilla chips, there are 140 calories in 7 chips! Holy monkeyshine, that's not good! I love chips and salsa and they have gotten me through many challenge nights, when I didn't want to cook, what will now be my salsa vehicle? I hate looking at calories and carbs and all of that nonsense, paying attention sucks, so does self-discipline....uuuhhg!

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