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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 280 Close Call

Today, I realized that my 365 day challenge may have saved me yesterday, perhaps at least from witnessing something traumatic. Where I live, there is a Wal-greens on the corner, I go there sometimes two to three times a week because it is the closest store of any kind to my apartment, aside from the creepy convenience store, located in my complex. Like I said, these days I stop maybe two or more times a week, on my way home from work. Before my challenge, I stopped in almost every day for my going home soda, candy, and junk food and generally about the same time, depending on my schedule, around 4:30 or 5:00. Yesterday, I needed to go to the store, but wanted to get fresh vegetables and of course Wal-green's does not carry fresh veggies, so instead of stopping in the drug store for my usual bread, milk, or cheese, I turned left, instead of passing the Wal-green's parking lot. At 4:30, a man was shot in front of his children in that parking lot, at the same time, I was headed in the opposite direction, close call. The man is still alive but in critical condition, such a scary world! I think it's time to move.

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