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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 284 and 285 Just Wait Eaters!!

Below, are two pictures from lunch, yesterday...it's not MY lunch, but it is my unwrapped silverware in the second picture. Everyone knows that Mexican is my favorite food ever, everyone also knows that I'm closing in on the end of this challenge, but apparently, not everyone cares, as evidenced below. One of my very dear co-workers insisted on Mexican yesterday, but "comforted" me in the knowledge that she would buy me anything I wanted for lunch from the gas station, after I watched her eat her smelly, cheesy, Mexican meal. She did buy me lunch, a string cheese and a granola bar.

Co-worker's lunch:

My Lunch:

That's not all! Today, she forced me to enter yet another greasy eating mecca and I watched her eat a Reuben sandwich, it's true I don't eat Corned beef but it hurt all the same. This blogs for you Emily, I'm going to wait until you are fully ensconced in a serious diet to seek my revenge!

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