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Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 302 and 303 I Feel Like A Skinny Rainbow

Yesterday, I began to integrate raw vegetables back into my diet, along with the juicing. For lunch I had an avocado with chopped tomato. This morning, I had carrot and apple juice and for lunch, I had a green machine juice, and for dinner, I had Brussels sprouts and mushrooms. I plan to continue juicing for breakfast on a regular basis, because I can get more than my required vegetables and fruit for the day and I feel really great! I'm really glad I did this, I feel re-energized and I will for sure do at least a three-five day juice fast every month. The Brussels sprouts were on my mind all week long, I was seriously jonesing for them, I missed them so much. I was so relieved to have something to chew on again! The biggest challenge was the crappy juicer, I am defiantly saving up for a Breville, this Black and Decker is a pain and a half to operate and to clean! I need a juicer that will allow me to drop in whole apples and not waste time cutting them into tiny pieces, I'm a busy girl, I don't have time for all that! In conclusion, I will probably finish out the week eating raw and cooked vegetables, along with juice and begin to bring back grains and beans next week, it looks like a party's about to bust out up in my kitchen!

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