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Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 320 and 321 Unmatched Willpower And The Potluck

Sometimes its really a challenge to eat everything I need to eat in a day. Yesterday, I had Naked juice, salads, vegetables, tofu, and about 10 different healthy whole foods, but I still did not meet my calorie intake or vitamin requirements. Today, I am really off because of a potluck at work, not because I pigged out, but because I was disciplined about what I chose. One co-worker made homemade white bread, which I thought would put me over the top fat wise but did not. With the bread, I made a cheese sandwich  with lots of leaf lettuce and tomatoes, I had whole wheat pasta, tortilla chips with salsa, and about 1/4 of a slice of carrot cake. I was full and happy, but I was still lacking in vegetables and fruit. My other choices were brownies, potato salad, a really yummy looking cheesy casserole thing, and cookies, I think I chose well. For dinner, I had vegetable, tofu spring rolls with peanut sauce and a salad, from Whole foods. The problem is that I enter everything I eat into a database that adds up what I have eaten and what I need to eat in terms of nutrients and it gives me a letter grade. I have never gotten an A+ I have gotten an A, but never an A+, I try different combinations, but there is always something off! Even when I juiced something was off in terms of fat intake and carbohydrates, I want an A+. When I try to add something like good fats, it throws everything the other direction.  If I were to eat all of the vegetables and fruit required, I would either have to go back to juicing or just devote my days to chewing on veggies. I need a better plan, maybe juicing twice a day and devoting dinner to protein, fats, and calcium. I am on a mission to find the perfect balance of whole foods, I will prevail!

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