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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 325 and 326 From Scratch Pumpkin Perfection

This week is turning out to be pretty good! Yesterday, someone must have decided that they didn't feel like working all day on Wednesday and so closed the whole operation down, me included... giving me a five day vacation! Well, it was actually just half a day today, but I took the whole day and ran with it. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and finalized what I'm making for Thanksgiving; I've decided that this is a good opportunity to strong arm my family into eating healthier. I'm making honey spiced carrots and roasted Brussels sprouts with shallots and garlic. Yes, just veggies but manipulated  in a really scrumptious way. Today, my mom taught me how to make pie crust and I made a pumpkin pie from scratch! I probably won't be making many pies but the info is good and I could even make a whole wheat pie crust at some point. Here are the pictures of my first from scratch creation! I also made carrot raisen cookies but I forget to photograph them for blog and show. Also not shown is the peanut butter custard pie, of which I will avoid tommorrow, having hit my 20 pound weight loss goal today!

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