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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 322 and 323 Don't Need A Plan B

Well, this week its time to face the Thanksgiving monster and I have a solid plan. I plan on making fresh vegetable dishes to take to our dinner, as well as lots of fresh veggie appetizers. This is not so much for everyone else as it is for me, yep I'm kind of selfish that way. The way I figure it, everyone will bring enough of the other stuff, that I shouldn't feel bad about taking care of what I need. I will have one plate and will have one small piece of dessert, which I plan on making so that I know exactly what it contains (sweet potato pie). This weekend has been devoted to this plan and by George, it will work! I am not throwing away all of the hard work I've done to stay healthy and there is no reason to throw it all away for a holiday, I don't really dig anyway.

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